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In 2003, Servants At Work was created by Rik Hagarty as a mission of Second Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, IN. Later in 2005, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, also of Indianapolis, joined the mission and SAWs, as it is known today, was born. Since that time, numerous churches, organizations and groups have joined in to extend the work of SAWs across the State of Indiana. In November of 2011, SAWs was granted 501(c)(3) charitable status by the IRS. It was incorporated as Servants At Work, Inc. and began 2012 as a charitable corporation. In 2015, the name SAWs received trademark protection. Shortly afterward, SAWs entered into a partnership with The Fuller Center for Housing, co-founded by Millard Fuller, David Snell and Ken Henson, to give the disabled in need access to the services of SAWs across 30+ states.

The launch of a web site for SAWs in 2010 increased the awareness of and access to its service for those in need. Between 800 ramps across Indiana by over 500 volunteers of all ages and walks of life and the numbers continue to grow. The demand for this service is growing exponentially. SAWs now finds itself at the stage where more management of the operations, volunteers, client services, donor and sponsor relations, and finances is needed to continue a managed and organized growth to meet the increasing demand.

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Our ramps are ecologically friendly!

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