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Veteran Bob   Veteran Bob? - Wheelchair Ramp for Veteran Bob (See video)
WRTV Story   WRTV News Story - Watch WRTV Channel 6 News story on the SAWs Ministry from November 20, 2018. (See video)

  Nora's Story - "It was like Christmas." Hear how SAWs© volunteers and a ramp transformed Nora's and her family's life. "It's the greatest blessing I've ever received." (See video)
Tabatha's Story - Tabatha was standing at the rear of her car when a drunk driver rear-ended it crushing both of her legs. Listen to how a ramp for this single mother of 3 children made a difference. (See video)

  Instructional Video for Site Evaluations - Step by step "How To" instructions for performing a full Site Evaluation. (See video)

  Instructional Video for Prefabrication - Step by step "How To" instructions for performing the work Site Prefabrication. (See video)

Teens and Veterans and Inmates! Oh My! - Working Together To Get It Done

Low-income people with disabilities continue to reach out to SAWs© by the hundreds across the state. While SAWs© has more than 500 volunteers statewide, it still isn't enough to meet the need of these folks who are trapped in their homes by their disabilities. Part of the mission of SAWs© is to establish partnerships with and be a resource to organizations that provide safe housing, community development and job or skills training for those they serve, particularly veterans and at-risk youth. So SAWs© is exploring creative ways to meet the growing need for volunteer support through partnerships. (Read more)

What Do You Need Most? - by Paul Snyder

Imagine that you are the single grandmother of 3 kids ages 10, 8, and 3, and you don't want them to go to foster care. Your plan wasn't to adopt them, but your deep faith shows you that His plan is, indeed, for you to adopt them. You move forward and adopt them because you know that it is His will, and somehow you will get it done. (Read more)

Public Service Endeavors - by Norm Wilkens

For most of my adult life, I have had an interest and enthusiasm for public service endeavors. This dedication has led to many wonderful associations. In the majority of cases, I have tried to apply my skills to the needs of the organizations, but find that I have come away from public service with more personal rewards than my given effort. My latest endeavor as a Board Member on SAWs© (Servants At Work, Inc.) is a good case in point. (Read more)

John Anderson - A Servant At Work - by Rik Hagarty

Recognizing one specific volunteer for their contributions does not disregard the work of so many others. SAWs© has hundreds of dedicated and committed volunteers that give endlessly and tirelessly to our ministry, it is impossible to point to just one. However, our very first Area Coordinator outside of Marion County is worthy of recognition for his time, effort and devotion to the mission of SAWs©. (Read more)

Statistics Are Tears Without Numbers - by Charlie Russell

I don't know the origin of this expression but it always moves me when I hear it. You've probably heard it before. It reminds me of how easy it is to disconnect from the human reality drowned beneath the waves of data that crash over us from every direction every day. But the volunteers of SAWs© don't see numbers. They see tears of joy at the end of every ramp they build. But let's look at some numbers first. (Read more)

SAWs© Is Ramping Up! - by Charlie Russell

For some time, the storage building at the back of the parking lot of Second Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis has been home base for SAWs©. Over the last 11 years as the organization has grown, volunteers have braved the tight quarters where whining power tools and swinging boards gave real meaning to "Beware of moving parts." (Read more)

To The Rescue of a Hero - by Rik Hagarty

Whether you have been involved in building one wheelchair ramp or dozens, each one impacts your life and attitude. Some of our projects are "run of the mill." Others remind us in the most dramatic ways of just why we are on this mission.(Read more)

18 Foster Children and 1 Miracle - By Dan Carpenter

Donna Weimer has been a foster parent to 18 handicapped children over the years, and there was one three-year-old she was determined to adopt.

Forget it, the doctors told her. Beverly wouldn't reach age 5. Brain-damaged by injuries before her fifth day of life, she was best left to institutional care for the short time she'd been allotted.(Read more)

Carmel Indiana Woman Gets Ramp

For Linda Bennett leaving the house was an ordeal. Confined to a wheel chair, this Carmel, Indiana mother had to be carried to the curb by two people "like a couch," she said, just to make it to a doctor's appointment.(Read more)

Michelle's Story - How a ramp kept a family intact

Often it takes a leap of faith, or perhaps just a "step" of faith to answer God's call. On November 22, 2003 four adult volunteers and two young people, none of whom knew anything about building wheelchair ramps, went and "stood in the Jordan" by building a ramp in the rear of a house on the Southeast side of Indianapolis.(Read more)


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